Making Tempeh


OK, so how useful this will be in my lunch box remains to be seen but today I have tried my hand at tempeh production.

I have been inseparable from my new Wild Fermentation book, by Sandor Ellix Katz, for several days now and used it to learn about the process of fermenting cooked soya beans into a far more nutritious product.

The photo shows me trying to dehull the cooked beans this morning, by far the most time consuming part of the method. At present the dehulled, dried, acidified and innoculated beans are fermenting in zip lock bags, at 31°C in my oven. I’m anticipating waking tomorrow to the bags full of a more fungusy, marshmallowy looking substance.

The book is inspirational and if you’ve half a mind to try making yoghurt, miso, tempeh, sour dough, kombucha, pickles, mead, beer… … then I urge you to at least look up Sandorkraut, the wild fermenter, or to get hold of the book. He apparently has an even more comprehensive book coming out this summer. I hope by then to have dozens of gently bubbling crock pots around my home. I’ve been messing around with homemade yoghurts and a few other ferments for years but I now feel like a fermentation activist!


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