Ransoms are back on the plate!


I placed this post on my herb blog today and thought it may be of interest from a lunch point of view. Ramsons taste great raw or cooked – really garlicy, pungent and spicy. I love them and have plenty around me at present. Last year i made lots of peso using them instead of basil. The result was so tasty and useful in lots of dishes. The only problem with eating the raw is the risk of contamination by animals (or humans) because they grow on the ground. So bear that in mind if you fancy adding them to a sandwich. Anyway, here’s the post from http://www.urbanherbology.org…

They’ve been looking verdant and smelling great for weeks now but today was my first little ransoms harvest of the year. Just two leaves, plucked from a huge swathe of wild garlic, will be enough to set this evenings meal alight. So that’s all I picked. I urge anyone thinking of foraging any plants, to abide by foraging rules and pick very sparingly. Only harvest what you know you will be able to use straight away.

Today I saw several ransom patches, on the edge of the lime avenue in park Frankendael, which were clearly recovering from careless picking. Leaves were torn, twisted and looked generally damaged. It’s saddening to see but more importantly it shows that many individuals don’t know how to harvest correctly and responsibly.

That’s the main reason I lead occasional herb walks in town. If you’d like to join at any time then please get in touch with me via email. I passionately believe that far more people should know the herbs around them and understand how to harvest if appropriate and use them safely.  But unfortunately some foragers cause harm and I’d really like to help limit that.

There are many others herbs, currently looking ripe and perfect for use, here in Amsterdam. Nettle is just perfect at present, the new tips will be my next target for harvesting, destined for some home made pasta and a nourishing infusion. More on that next week.

for information about how to use ramsoms in food, please take a look at my herb blog – http://www.urbanherbology.org



  1. WillowCottageGardeners

    I have never known it as ransoms, we call it wild garlic. My children love wild garlic and the little family member often comes home with her pockets stuffed! We had chicken stuffed with wild garlic and mushroom for dinner last night – it was delicious! Have you tried wild garlic mayo or wild garlic butter?

    • Thank you for your comment. How lovely you were eating it also yesterday! No, I generally stick to chopping it up and adding it to main dishes and of course making the pesto I mention, which I love. I make mayo now and then so will definitely try your idea, it sounds delicious! As for the butter, sounds great. Do you just chop it finely and mix in a bowl before forming into a shape and then I the fridge?

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