Sourdough Recycling

Following Sandor Katz’ book Wild Fermentation, I have been trying to permaculture-up my sourdough by feeding it left over cooked rice, grains, porridge and whole spelt grains.  It developed well for about a week, turing my left overs into a bubbling sour smelling gloop and I was really excited about the results to come.

Today, I turned most of my starter into a loaf and have just sampled it. The texture is great; springy and loaded with gas bubble trials, as I had hoped. My two year old loves the loaf and is trying to climb on the table for more, as I type but it’s just too sour for my liking. I still find the thought, of a sourdough starter partly compensating for my retired wormery, very pleasing. But I have some work ahead in turning the result into something I enjoy eating as much as my usual homecooked bread.

Have you tried this? I’d love to hear any suggestions you may have about good left over combinations to add to the starter.


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