Seaweed omelete


This recipe was an experiment to see if I could use up lots of seaweed in a tasty lunch omelette. It was very successful. I need to experiment some more with different types of seaweed but I purpose it as being suitable for foraged edible seaweeds and shop bought dried, or fresh…

How I made it…
It’s basically a vegetable omelette, courgette and mushroom in this case, with a seasoned seaweed filing. use whatever you have available to season. I used a teaspoon of miso paste, teaspoon of tamari (strong soy sauce) and a half teaspoon of umeboshi pickle paste.

After boiling my dried arame seaweed for about 8 minutes in water, I drained it and stirred in my seasoning. The seasoned seaweed was then spread over my almost-cooked omelette. That was folded over, to seal in some heat, the heat turned off to finish it.

The seaweed should be finely shredded for this sort of recipe. Let me know if you try it.


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  1. looks yummy!!

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