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Socks as fruit protectors

I saw an old post on an Australian craft blog called Peasoup of the day, giving a knitting pattern for fruit protectors. I thought these things could be an attractive way to prevent my apples, peaches and pears from looking battered by the time I eat them at work. But I don’t really have time …

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Lunch in a Glass Jar

I just found an interesting blog post by krista and jess showing how to make a deconstructed sushi lunch in a Mason jar. Apart from the obvious difficulties of carrying your lunch around in something so fragile, this seems quite a smart low impact idea. What do you think of it? I don’t hold much …

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Zoo Lunch For Two

My little girl went to the zoo this morning, and took a lunchbox to share with her friend.  She’s almost two and I’m pleased to say that at present, she is as excited by food as her mother.  Today’s Zoo Lunch For Two contained the majority of a two egg, bacon, cheese and herb omelette, …

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