Grow Lunch


I dream of forest gardens, small holdings, kitchen gardens and of meals on my table which have been produced, from the soil up , my family. None of these are possible right now but even we can easily grow some lunchbox ingredients and we can continue to learn how to make our dreams manifest.

I’ll be posting regularly about my above ground gardening antics and will link to some useful posts on my other blog Urbanherbology, which is about growing and foraging herbs in the city.

There are heaps of food plants which can quite easily grow indoors or on a balcony in the north European climate. During the summer I try to put something into our food each day that I have grown myself, either in our on our apartment, ranging from geranium flowers to bean sprouts to apples.

I love to learn of new ideas and experiences so please let me know if you have any tips or links to share.


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